The Glass Room is a clear glass encased space presented by Don Julio. The T-shaped table in the center of the room is great for conference meetings and also doubles as our eighth stage. The television screen in the center of the back wall can be used for PowerPoint presentations or to watch your favorite sports game. Whether your a businessman or a guy who just wants to have fun, you'll enjoy this unique space and all that it has to offer. For questions or reservations call the front desk at 303-388-9601.

The Champagne Room is a 13'X9' area sponsored by Dom Perignon that contains a half moon sofa, round dining table with chairs, and a television screen. The space has a separate speaker system that allows us to turn the sound down in the room for businessmen who choose to entertain or consult with their clients and the T.V. screen can be used for PowerPoint presentations. The sound can also be turned up so that the room becomes a part of the festivities of the club while still offering a semi-private environment. The Champagne Room is a great area to hang out with your friends or clients while enjoying the company of our entertainers, bottle service, and watching a game. Call the club at 303-388-9601 for questions or reservations.

The Nook is a rounded area right next to the D.J. booth located in the center of the club. It is a fantastic place to sit in cushioned seats with a bird's eye view of all the club's activity. This space is definitely a fan favorite.

The Board Room is located towards the back of the club with its own full bar. There are several round tables of various sizes with comfortable padded chairs and is the landing area for the entertainers who choose to slide down the fire pole. It is a great space to come with a small or large group of friends.

The Private Dance room is a raised area of the club with 13 high back chairs and divided spaces. The private dance area is the only area in the club where entertainers do NOT need a stage for private dances, although they are available if desired. A visit to Shotgun's is not complete without a private dance experience.

The Shadow Box Bar is the largest bar at Shotgun's with a curved seating area that surveys the entire ballroom.  The backdrop of curvy silhouettes makes the Shadow Box Bar one of the best seats in the house.