Dana is one of our valued bartenders, she is fun to talk to, has a great smile, and is quick with a drink.  It doesn't hurt that she is also easy on the eyes.  Dana has a not so secret crush on Spider-Man and is listed in the Comic Con porn credentials as "the Webmaster".  Stop by and visit Dana's bar for some great service and a good drink.




Who knew that a homeless pimp daddy would make such an excellent Door Man?!  Frankie Bones is a staple item at the club and a great asset to Shotgun Willie's.  He has the biggest welcoming smile when you enter our doors and the loudest "Thanks for joining us" when you leave.  His stint at the Betty Ford Clinic has been largely exaggerated, he was not there THAT long.  Frankie is a treat to talk to and is sure to get a laugh out of you when you visit.



Cliff is crusty.  But we love him anyway.