Tyler and Andrew

Tyler and Andrew share a love for cleanliness, long walks on the beach, and an odd collection of bar soap.  Andrew, a graduate of the Disney Institute and our in-house mousketeer, is always sharply dressed and is a gracious host to our guests.
Tyler, a natural at managing a topless bar, was born at Shotgun Willie's and was raised by a pack of wild strippers. When not at work Tyler can be found driving his redneck pick-up truck and spending quality time with his pet chickens.


Randy, our house pirate, has characteristics of Peter Pan combined with an 80's mullet rocker.  Randy has worked at Shotgun Willie's on and off for over 8 years and as long as he never participates in another Shotgun Willie's golf tournament, he is sure to continue as a member of the Shotgun Willie's family for years to come.  Randy has never met a Crown Royal that he didn't like and he is delusional about his hairstyle.  Come in and introduce yourself to Randy, you are sure to be greeted with a hearty handshake and a smile.



Hopi and Scott

Hopi and Scott both share a long history with Shotgun Willie's although not concurrent.  Hopi began working at Shotgun's as a waitress in 2003 before becoming part of the management team.  Raised with a lot of brothers, Hopi has learned the survival skills necessary in sharing an office with mostly men and maintaining order.  Her love for the culinary arts keeps our kitchen running and our food tasty.
Scott a.k.a. "Bad Santa" was a manager at Shotgun's in the late 80's and then went on a long sabbatical before the melodious Siren songs of the strippers called him back again. Scott plays an important role at Shotgun's. His meticulous nature combined with his playful spirit keeps the girl's in line while still letting them believe in Santa.