Joey is Shotgun's quintessential girl next door.  She's sweet and energetic with a unique love for farm animals.  Her upbeat personality and unusual choice in pets always makes her the life of any party.  Make sure you introduce yourself to Joey on your next visit and ask her if her cock a doodle do or did?!




Clover-and-Savannah-411Clover and Savannah

AKA- Clovannah.

These girls are two of our most playful and active entertainers.  You can find them participating in Foxy Boxing, Feature of the Month entertainment, any number of promotional video's, and a variety of Strip-Off contests.  The only way you won't find them is-  apart.  Stop in to meet Clover and Savannah and enjoy one of their frisky Double Trouble sets, you'll be glad you did.






Toi is as unique and playful as her name. Prone to feistiness, Toi can always be found enjoying her time spent at The Gun whether she is entertaining guests or playing "How Tasty is this Entertainer?" with her peers.