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Created by a Woman, but made for a Man

Shotgun Willie's has the rare distinction among Gentlemen's Clubs to be owned by a woman, yet it is a club made for a man.  Debbie Mathews started Shotgun Willie's in 1982 when the club began as a country western bar.  The bar's namesake came from the Willie Nelson song and self-titled album Shotgun Willie.  We morphed from a country western bar into a nude club and finally settled as a topless bar, by the late 1980's Shotgun Willie's proudly became a world famous burlesque show club.

Shotgun Willie Album

The Campaign & Revolution in Glendale 1998

The road has not always been smooth for the best little topless bar in Glendale, Colorado.  In 1998 Glendale officials wanted to pass laws that would make it impossible for us to continue to do business.  Debbie led the charge with strong spirited entertainers, support staff, and local community members by her side and ultimately we were successful in squashing the bill that has kept Shotgun's alive.

Shiny Willie

We enjoyed many more years of success before having to move from our old building that served us well for 31 years.  In November of 2013 we moved into a new custom made building that is constructed in the parking lot directly behind our old establishment.  We have kept the same address, the same great staff, and the same love for fun and entertaining guests. Today Shotgun Willie's can still be found on the corner of Colorado Blvd. and Virginia Ave., a local landmark in the area.  We are still owned by a woman but now we are also family operated; Debbie's son and daughter-in law play integral roles in moving the club and our reputation into the next era.