The world doesn’t need another fancy strip club. They’re all over the place. Decked-out like drywall replicas of the Taj Mahal, or one-story versions of Trump Tower. There’s nothing wrong with these places. They’re just trying as hard as they can to offer “a premium experience,” or “an exotic escape.” But why can’t premium be comfortable? And who decided you were trying to escape in the first place? Why can’t you just be you? A guy. Unwinding with friends in a place you feel welcome?

We founded Shotgun Willie’s in 1982, and over the last thirty years, it’s risen to become one of the top gentlemen’s clubs in the nation. But in all that time, we’ve never once tried to be anything other than what we are: 200 of the country’s most beautiful entertainers surrounded by 10,000 square feet of well-appointed space where a guy can be a guy. And we don’t expect you to be anything other than what you are. A real person who deserves to have a great time, in a place custom-built for exactly that purpose.

We’ve Got This Crazy Idea That Everyone Matters

There are no VIP rooms at Shotgun Willie’s. No system that says Guy A is very important and Guy B is sort of important. So instead of a bunch of glorified closets where you need to know a secret handshake to get in, we’ve always had an open floor plan, leaving you free to mingle and roam. And as you move around, you’ll notice that walls aren’t the only things that have been taken out of the way. There are no attitudes. No formalities. Nothing to suggest you’re anywhere else but a place you can call home. Hey, we’ve got a bartender who’s been here for 30 years, a manager who’s been here for 31, and dozens of customers who’ve been coming in for most of their lives. We can’t possibly know how much time you’ll decide to spend hanging out with us, but don’t be surprised if it’s a little bit longer than you expected. And whether it’s an afternoon or a lifetime, we’ll be honored you dropped by.